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Chiltern Hills Spring Meeting March 2017

My Golden Moment

In 2018, The Arts Society celebrates 50 years of connecting to the arts and to each other. Our support for Young Arts has always played an important  part in what we do. To celebrate this milestone, The Arts Society in Chiltern Hills and Wyvern Areas are organising the Golden Jubilee Arts Fest 20... Read more

Paper, Stone and Flesh

Michelangelo was grumpy, dirty, ugly and tight-fisted, but produced sculpture, painting and architecture of such startling beauty and originality that two biographies were written in his lifetime, we know exactly what he looked like in life and at his death, and today we have over 1400 surviving... Read more

Explore our Welsh heritage with The Arts Society High Wycombe

The Arts Society High Wycombe invite you to join them on their five day trip to Cardiff in April 2018. The trip has ben organised by Ros Nicoli-if you haven't b... Read more

Amsterdam Art and Culture

The Arts Society West Wycombe  invite you to join them on their trip to Amsterdam this coming spring. Four days bed and breakfast, from 23rd to 27th April 2018, and the tulips will be blooming too!


Find inspiration in the Dutch Masters of Rubens and Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum an... Read more